Are Sleep Patterns And Health Linked?

Are Sleep Patterns And Health Linked?

Getting adequate sleep and adopting the right kind of sleep pattern is crucial for our overall well-being. This is because, when we sleep, the body works to maintain our physical health and to support optimum brain function. On the contrary, poor sleep patterns lead to tiredness, improper physical coordination, and poor cognitive ability, among other things. So let’s find out how sleep patterns are related to health and the reasons why you should adopt a good sleep pattern.

Increased Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Poor sleep patterns can wreak havoc with your body’s metabolic regulation. It may also impair the body’s utilization of insulin to a good extent, which can increase your risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Increased Risk Of Visceral Fat

A poor sleep pattern is often considered as the key factor leading to a higher accumulation of visceral fat or belly fat, apart from other fat-causing factors like poor lifestyle habits, high-calorie intake, etc.

Sleep patterns in terms of duration and timing also heavily influence of a number of neurological, metabolic and endocrine functions that are crucial for the maintenance of overall health. If left untreated, chronic short sleep together with poor sleep patterns can significantly decrease cognitive thinking and decrease the ability to support proper metabolism and fight off infection.

Therefore, the key factors causing poor sleep patterns need to be addressed to reduce the increased risk of its detrimental effects.

Poor sleep patterns lead to tiredness, improper physical coordination, and poor cognitive ability, among other things

Why Healthy Sleep Patterns Are Important

Many people may not understand how an extra hour of sleep could benefit them. But here are some key reasons why you should prioritize good sleep patterns over other activities:

Clearer Thinking
Sleep patterns influence your thinking abilities and improves your cognition, attention and decision-making ability

Stronger Immunity
Adequate sleep can help you avert common ailments like cold and flu more effectively

Inflammation Prevention
People who get enough sleep, six or more hours each night, have lower levels of inflammatory proteins in their blood, compared to those who get less sleep, thus making them less susceptible to ailments

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