7 Ways To Power Up Your Brain

7 Ways To Power Up Your Brain

“By acquiring new skills, we create new neuron routes in our mind which help us enhance our capacity to learn and grasp things faster”

When we find our brain being less productive, we tend to withdraw into a shell and are inattentive about things happening around. This can happen to anyone, right from a student who looks for more efficient ways to understand what a teacher says, to a working professional who is striving for a balance between professional life and personal life and hence gets mentally tired.

But to remain healthy, we must try to keep our cognitive functions at the optimum. Thus, here are some ways to physically build up your brain’s efficiency, enhance memory and to also become smarter and more intelligent as well.

Ways To Improve Brain Functions

Practice Hand Writing

In the era of technology and hectic schedules where we all look for easier ways to convey our messages, either through texting or e-mailing, we must try writing by hand and read some handwritten notes, as it is a very important brain exercise.

It is also a proven fact, that by reading handwritten notes or writing by hand, activates certain regions of the mind which otherwise remain Inactive, when we write and read printed context in devices. Also, we tend to remember things better when we write it down and this is because writing improves our memory retention, pattern recognition and analytical skills.

Try Out A New Experience

Break the monotony and try out something new, which is beyond your daily schedule. Learn a new language, master a completely new skill, take part in activities you have never tried, try to learn some skills from a person who is from a completely different department at your workplace, or try something which you have been postponing for long. It could be music, visiting the gym or anything else – why not start now and benefit? By acquiring new skills, we create new neuron routes in our mind, which help us enhance our capacity to learn and grasp things faster.

Exercise Regularly

Performing physical exercises encourage the production of nerve protecting compounds, builds blood streams to the brain, decrease the dangers of cardiovascular illnesses that hamper brain function and can be a greater cause of stroke. Thus, the more physical exercise you do, the better your brain functions and you remain healthy.

Exercise Your Brain

We humans have a general tendency to forget things, skills etc. after a lapse in time or if we stop practicing it on a regular basis. The fact that we are dependent on technical devices to such an extent, that we have stopped using our brains even for smaller calculations etc. is something to ponder about. We use a GPS every time we travel, even for the places we have visited several times. And this dependency on devices has grown manifold.

But if you want to improve and enhance the functions of your brain, stop using your smartphones for unimportant operations. Your brain is way sharper, more unique and much more capable than these devices, so allow it to perform.

There are numerous approaches to enhance brain functioning, going from basic exercises or activities to sensational changes in your lifestyle. So, if you really care for your health and brain efficiency, no effort or cost is too big to pay.

Eat More Products With Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for the development of the areas of the brain that are responsible for memory formation, planning and information processing. And proper exposure of the sun on your skin increases the rate of vitamin D in your body. Hence, try being in the sun and if you live in a place where sunny days are harder to find, consider taking vitamin D supplements.

Consume Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3 fats such as DHA or docosahexaenoic acid are crucial for the proper functioning of your body as well as your brain and they cannot be arranged by your body. Thus, they need to be consumed either with food such as fish or by taking supplements. Low Intake of omega-3 fats can lead to an early onset of Alzheimer’s illness etc. whereas individuals consuming high quantities of foods rich in DHA are less susceptible to this illness.

Nootropics Or Brain Enhancing Drugs

For quite a while now, the search has been on for a drug that would elevate brain capacity, make one more productive and enhance effectiveness in different ways. Although, Nootropics can’t exactly be that wonder drug, yet it is positively the nearest thing we have to this perfection. Distinctive nootropics has diverse effects, but in general, they are known to enhance memory, spatial mindfulness, logical thinking, ability to learn and grasp things faster and much more.

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