5 Tips For Successful Egg Freezing

5 Tips For Successful Egg Freezing

“A pre-treatment health strategy makes a huge difference on the egg retrieval day. A healthy mind and body helps IVF work well”

A woman’s eggs, specifically their quality and quantity are linked to the chances of getting pregnant. Egg retrieval is a key moment in the IVF cycle and based on the experience of patients and latest medical research, it is best to follow these tips for better egg retrieval.

Consider Your Options
A detailed examination before treatment is necessary and since egg retrieval is all about the ovaries, a detailed trans vaginal scan of the reproductive organs can detect and eliminate the possibilities of PCOS, endometriosis and cysts. Also, a reputable scanning clinic with an infertility specialist or consultant may be less expensive as compared to an IVF clinic. One can also consider a hysteroscopy as it is the best way to get everything checked, before egg retrieval.

Quality Over Quantity
Egg retrieval following minimal- stimulation IVF (or mini IVF) can produce fewer, but better quality eggs. lithe AMH is low and there is also a low ovarian reserve, then blasting the follicles with high doses of FSH medication will be of no help. The quality of eggs does matters over quantity. Mini IVF isn’t the perfect solution and pregnancy rates are not high. If egg production is poor, this approach might work in your favour, on the egg-retrieval day, without being heavy on the pocket.

Improve Your Lifestyle
Egg quality is known to decline with age. Lifestyle plays an important part in egg production and quality. The schedule for egg retrieval can be fixed in six months. Keeping the scheduled date in mind, one must start on a healthy regime and take steps to improve the IVF diet. Moderate exercise and avoiding stress will help. Staying away from environmental pollutants, including domestic cleaning chemicals is also advised.

A pre-treatment health strategy makes a huge difference on the egg retrieval day. A healthy mind and body helps IVF work well. If one is an older patient, try to schedule the egg retrieval as early as possible.

Successful egg retrieval means nothing without good sperm. Your eggs will be mixed with it, an hour or so after egg collection.

Advice For Male Partners
Clinics rarely give male partners enough advice on sperm nurturing. Abstaining from ejaculation for two or three days beforehand will be of great help. Taking a multivitamin, including selenium and zinc, for at least these months prior to egg retrieval works well too. Also, daily exercise, a healthy diet, no smoking, low intake of alcohol, reduced caffeine and regular ejaculation works wonders.

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Choose A Good Clinic
Egg retrieval can only happen after a trigger shot and a trigger shot’s timing requires clinic expertise and patient care. When the egg retrieval day is close, a good clinic will monitor the follicles in a very detailed fashion. Cetrotide or orgalutran may be applied to stop premature release. Two, three, even four scans during stimulation are mandatory, The clinic will inform you with regard to when one has to take the trigger shot. It has to be taken 36 hours prior to the egg retrieval for the releasing of the eggs. The administration is based on the timing for egg retrieval.

Egg retrievals usually happen in the mornings, hence one has to do it at home two evenings earlier. Injecting at exactly the right time is necessary so read the instructions five times beforehand. Also, ensure that the trigger shots ovitrelle or pregnyl that has to be bought, is stored correctly. Both must be refrigerated, but ovitrelle can be taken out and stored at room temperature for a while.

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