5 Healthy Habits You Need To Make A Daily Routine

5 Healthy Habits You Need To Make A Daily Routine

Habits stick because it becomes muscle memory through repetition and coordination. Habits are hard to make and harder to break. So why not make healthy ones and let them stick? This frees up our brain to do better and bigger things while not making endless tiny decisions. Make these five habits your daily rou-tine and stay healthy without breaking a sweat.

Wake Up Early

We are most active for two hours after we wake up. Waking up early into a calm morning helps in making these two hours very productive. You can always achieve more in the morning and have an easy day. Also, waking up early should not result in insufficient sleep. Make sure you catch enough Zs – at least seven hours.

Eat Healthy

Make it a routine to eat fruits and drink at least two litres of water every day. Staying hydrated is the key to staying healthy. Even slight dehydration could result in fatigue or mood alteration. Studies show the more colourful your diet, the better it is. Swap a snack for a fruit and you could feel the difference in a week.

Get Outside

Fresh air and physical activity help in staying relaxed and confident. Our lifestyle is mostly sedentary. Sometimes we get caught up with work and move for hours together. A ten-minute break every hour is essential if you’re sitting in the same place. This is why they say, sitting is the new smoking. Moving around every hour enables you to stay focused when you resume your work. Walk or run outside for 30 minutes a day. Include some stretches for better flexibility too.


Every day take some time out to sit and take deep breaths. This is all about maintaining focus on one thing. Meditation wards off anxiety and absent mindedness. On busy days, try to stay mindful while performing your everyday chores. Some people find themselves very calm when they are cooking or cleaning. Mindful eating gives you the benefits of meditation and diet maintenance.

Me Time

Spend 15 minutes a day dedicated for yourself. It is not nap time but a time to reflect on your day or yourself in general. Sitting alone without anything to do, provides clarity and clears out any debris you might have collected through the day. This designated time for self helps in understanding yourself and to connect better with your soul as we always lower priority for ourselves over other tasks.

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