3 Essential Guidelines to Be Healthy During The Rains

3 Essential Guidelines to Be Healthy During The Rains

“Remember to have healthy, preferably homemade meals and ensure adequate intake of fluids”

After the scorching summer, the rains provide a welcome relief and a lot of fun and excitement! But this season also has its fair share of diseases – both physical and mental. While infections and waterborne diseases are fairly common, being cooped up all day long at home with an overcast sky and torrential rains may even make people gloomy and depressed. But this does not mean you can’t enjoy the rainy season. Here are three essential tips that will help you to be healthy and happy despite the downpour!

Prevent Common Diseases

From viral fever, mild eye and fungal infections to more serious ones such as cholera and typhoid (waterborne diseases), dengue and malaria (mosquito-borne diseases), rains can cause havoc with your health, If you aren’t careful. So, to beat these diseases, maintain proper personal hygiene and keep your surroundings clean. Remember to have healthy (preferably homemade) meals and ensure adequate intake of fluids. Carry umbrellas or raincoats to avoid getting wet and change your clothes as soon as you return home. In case you get drenched in the rain, doctors advise taking a shower (provided that’s possible to do) to protect you from several infections.

Load Up On Vitamin C

Colds and coughs are the most prevalent disease this season, so to combat these two diseases, increase your intake of vitamin C and you may either opt for natural foods rich In vitamin C (amla, tomato, lemon, dark leafy greens, broccoli, guava, papaya, bell peppers, berries etc.) or take vitamin C supplements.

Don’t Forget Your Daily Dose Of Exercise

Most of us are eager for bright sunlight as it lifts our spirits and makes us feel energized to go out and do things. But dark, rainy days often rob us of bright sunlight and make our movements restricted within our homes. This could make you feel sad and depressed, prompting some to overeat or sleep more. To beat such negative feelings, do some freehand exercises or yoga at home even when you can’t hit the gym. This will keep you in good shape and ensure the release of happy hormones’ (endorphins) for an upbeat mood.

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