Heal Eye Ailments With Homeopathy

Heal Eye Ailments With Homeopathy

“Homeopathy helps to cure the patient successfully and permanently eliminates the real cause behind an illness or ailment”

Homeopathy treats diseases of the eyes taking into account the whole profile of an individual. This helps to cure the patient successfully and permanently eliminates the real cause behind an illness or ailment. So here are some eye problems, along with their causes, prevention and how they can be treated with homeopathy.


It is very common to catch an eye infection due to contact with a foreign body. And as a result, the eyes turn red and Itchy. The homeopathic remedy to get rid of the redness and itchiness is by using Euphrasia and Sulphur eye drops, which are prepared with natural extracts.

It is safe for the eyes and cures any sort of infection, blurred eyesight, or conjunctivitis. However, precautions should be taken while wearing contact lenses – they should be clean and free of foreign bodies or dust particles to avoid any kind of irritation or inflammation.


Injuries are very common among children or students who might hurt their eyes with a pen or pencil points. Accidents also occur while working with sharp or pointed objects. These can certainly be cured with the regular application of Arnica, Calendula, and Ledum to avoid any further infection and irritation.


It is a common phenomenon to lose eyesight with age or to develop short sightedness and to undergo cataract operations and surgeries. Homeopathic treatments provide a permanent cure with the prescription of a regular dosage of Arnica and Cineraria Maritima 10 Percent Eye Drops actually helps in curing cataract without any side effects and pain.

Long-Term Eye Diseases

Conditions like squint eyes, inflammation of eyelids, eczema or sty in the eyes are treated well with homeopathy under prescribed observation. The medicines considered for treatment are few doses of Cina, Sulphur, Spigelia, Graphite and Agaricus.

Diagnosing Systemic Diseases Through The Eyes

Many diseases can be diagnosed by just inspecting the eyes as the cornea and muscles play an important role in detecting an ailment. A person suffering from diabetes, hypertension (blood pressure), eyelid tumour, rheumatoid arthritis or goitre is a victim of systemic disease – this results in the swelling of the retina, double vision and limited eye movement. These diseases can be cured with some dosage of medicines or can also be treated through laser therapy in case of retinal vascular disease, by surgery for tumours.

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