What Do You Think Of Thoughts?

What Do You Think Of Thoughts?

Thought or thinking is what sets human beings apart from other living things. Human beings are endowed with the gift of thinking which is free flowing, but can be tamed and used to perfection depending on the course chosen. While thinking provides the freedom to imagine, perceive and react, it also yields power which is unmatched in its capacity. Thinking is synonymous with existence, making individuals live on their own free will, which in turn makes them powerful individuals in their own right.

Innate Capacity To Think

Human beings can think good, bad, beyond and about anything under the sun. Thinking keeps a person functional and thought processes can generate multi layered behaviour which in turn makes an individual behave in a specific way, when faced with a situation. It is hence well-known that the way a particular person is – depends on the way he/she thinks. Thinking most of the time, brings forth the character of an individual. One may pretend, fake or behave in a way which is irrelevant and all this eventually is a reflection of one’s thought processes.

Conforming To Social Norms

In very simple terms, the, power to think positive or negative lies within an individual, One may argue that positivity and negativity in thought processes has individual differences, which is true, as far as the thinking is harmless and relevant. This brings us to accept that thinking also has to conform to social norms as its repercussions are seen and heard in society. There are innumerable examples of individuals who with their absolutely powerful and well-full thinking have brought about immense benefits to the human race. In such situations, people have accepted the beneficial thinking process and have turned it into a group thinking mechanism.

What Is Normal And What Is Not

An individual is free to think in whichever way desired. But psychologists have always maintained that there is a very thin continuum between what is normal and what is not. Either of the processes stem from one’s power of thinking. Thinking can be focused and concrete, or it can be abstract and vague. Many a times, thinking can be a learnt response as well. But again, learning would depend on how the situation has been perceived and thought of, by a person. Thinking power of a person can be categorized under various brackets of intelligence, emotions, social interactions, aptitude and ability, skill set, so on and so forth.

“Thinking can be focused and concrete, or it can be abstract and vague. Many a times, thinking can be a learnt response as well”

What To Think

The freedom to think though, is a default quality with all individuals – what to think, how much to think and where to draw the line is a difficult process. Eventually, the human mind and brain tends to think of ways of projecting one’s ideas and thoughts where appreciation and reward may lead to strengthening of positive thought processes and rejection of the same may lead to a thought process which can take a very de-motivating turn.

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