The Role Of Sports In The Holistic Development Of Children

The Role Of Sports In The Holistic Development Of Children

“Playing sports brings about an increase in cardiovascular fitness and also makes bones, muscles and ligaments robust and strong, thus providing good sleep and a balanced life”

Very few may have not come across the famous adage. ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’- This saying rightly points out the significance of sports during a child’s growing up years because enhancing the physical well being and emotional growth of your child is probably the best gift you can endow your child with.

Physical Education Is Vital

Sport isn’t about physical play, it’s about life skills orientation and nurturing a team spirit; the introduction of values, skills and attitudes which does a world of good for children, especially in the modern era, where children are reeling with an overload of information, thanks to the evolution of technology. Thus, physical education is a must in schools as sporting activities and educational growth go hand in hand.

Sports plays a vital role in the overall personality enhancement of a child, bringing out a positive impact on educational progress. Through sports, children master the trick of fair play and also learn to cope with competition. They become good decision makers and emerge all-rounders.

Digital Activities Vs Outdoor Games

Today with the advent of digitalization, children are getting more active on the digital front, and side-lining their participation in sports and outdoor activities. The supremacy of digital activities over outdoor games has resulted in the formation of a generation that is majorly introverted, unhealthy and obese. In contrast, participation in sports is an opportunity to overcome all hurdles, helping one feel mentally and physically fit and sound.

Your children’s active participation in sports will greatly help in stress reduction, make them active, strengthen their bones and muscles, help them imbibe the value of a team spirit, learn the importance of playing a fair game and being cooperative, thus boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

Physical Skills And Positive Traits

Being actively involved in sports is also the best form of exercise for developing children’s physical skills. However, the list of infinite benefits associated with sports does not end here and the positive advantages of outdoor games are plentiful.

Nevertheless, most parents are doubtful when it comes to investing their child’s valuable time and energy in extracurricular activities. But it s important for parents to remember that by encouraging their child to actively participate in sports will help the child feel appreciated for his/her distinctive skill at a particular sport and in turn will help him/her excel in life because playing sports lends a child the opportunity to cultivate positive personality traits.

Sports is a boundless source of motivation and contentment. The main motto of outdoor activities is to keep a child’s physique in the best of health and keeping his/her mind strong and pure.

These activities are sure to make your child a role model and let’s not forget, unless our kids go out and play, how else will we find those gems that make our country proud? Here are some rewards of active participation in sports.

Healthy Beginnings

It has been found that children who are actively involved in sports tend to be less stressed out than the children who have never taken part in any kind of physical activity. Playing sports brings about an increase in cardiovascular fitness and also makes bones, muscles and ligaments robust and strong, thus providing good sleep and a balanced life.

Socially Active

Games help children socialize and provide a platform to make new friends. Outdoor games like cricket and football help them socialize and become extroverts.

Takes Them Outdoors

Sports provide children with tremendous exposure to the outside world. Children who stay with in the confines of their homes, watching television or playing games on the computer are deprived of the education that they would receive on the field or playground.

Obesity Reduction

Obesity is a major cause affecting a child’s well-being and this situation occurs mainly due to the lack of exercise and unhealthy diet regimes. Engaging your children in outdoor games will keep them active and will also help reduce excess fat build-up in the body. Physical activity such as sports helps children burn excessive fat, making them fit.

Builds Self-Confidence

Sports is also good to enhance your child’s self-esteem and boost self-confidence as well, They also learn the importance of winning and losing, teamwork, leadership skills and building of goals.

On a concluding note, children learn the art of overcoming impediments and challenging situations that come their way. What else do they need?

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