4 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Have In Common

4 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Have In Common

Emotional intelligence has always taken a backseat when compared to a person’s IQ. Our system has been built to undervalue the skills of the emotionally intelligent people. But when you look at some of our world’s most powerful leaders and change makers, they had one thing in common. They all had high emotional intelligence. In order to create lasting ideas, ask provoking questions and challenge the status quo you have to be able to understand that humanity has multiple experiences every moment.

Our individual choices are just a matter of perspective. Having a high EQ means being able to measure and understand your feelings, reactions and emotions in context to the larger world around you. If you find yourself being the person of choice for your friends and family to come to at a time of crises, or if you are exceptionally good with people and lead teams effortlessly, it’s a pretty good indication that you have a high level of emotional intelligence. So here are four traits that emotionally intelligent people have in common.

Traits Of Emotionally Intelligent People

Being self-aware means you not only know your strengths, but you know your limitations as well. You know your weaknesses, vulnerabilities and ways of coping. This awareness often lets you to work on yourself constantly. Self-awareness means you have an opportunity to treat every day as a new possibility to learn and equip yourself for constant personal growth.

A Good Team Player
If you have a high FO, chances are you’re a great team player and potentially a great leader too. People with a high EQ have the ability to sense how others are feeling and gauge their unique personal and professional challenges. That’s why they are in the unique position to communicate with them powerfully. And when people feel understood and acknowledged, they are inspired and feel motivated about their role in the team.

If a person understands that human experiences is linked to circumstances, challenges and perspectives then they also know that judgment is too narrow-minded an approach to measure how other people make choices and live. There is plenty to learn from new perspective and the more you are open to it, the more EQ points you’ll gather. This is also why people with high EQ draw people to them and confide in them It takes no judgement first to see clearly and help advise a friend or a family member in a trying time.

Initiate Curious Conversations
Since people with high EQ bond so strongly with the elements that make us human, it’s only obvious that they like to know what makes other people tick. They are a curious set of people who want to understand more about people, ask questions about the world and aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves either. They understand that while life can be exceedingly serious it can also be overwhelmingly funny, joyful and engaging.

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