Want Acrylic Nails? Think Again!

Want Acrylic Nails? Think Again!

“Acrylic nails may result in splitting of the nails or a painful nail plate, king the nails one to breakage”

Most women love beautiful, long, perfectly shaped, healthy nails. Thus, acrylic nails or nail extensions are the new big thing in the beauty industry.

Right from expressing your emotions to performing simple activities like touching, feeling, grasping etc. your hands are the center of attraction and beautiful nails enhance this beauty. So, for those with short unpleasant nails, acrylic nails is literally a dream come true? But let’s understand if it is really worth it.

What Are Acrylic Nails

These nails are made up of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer that gets harder once it comes in contact with air. Usually transparent, acrylic nails are a form of a protective layer over your natural nails. The popularity of acrylic nails is testimony to the fact that women are willing to go to great lengths, just to enhance their beauty.

Time To Think Again!

Despite the beauty of this amazing product, not many are aware that the chemicals used in the entire procedure – resins and formaldehyde are extremely dangerous. unhealthy and may cause cancer.

  • No matter how beautiful they look on your hand, excessive use of acrylic nails may also result in the complete loss of your nails, because of the destruction of the nail matrix.
  • Acrylic nails are the breeding grounds of infection as the gap between the natural nail and the nail bed offers a warm, moist atmosphere, highly suitable for bacteria growth. Hence, prolonged use of acrylic nails can cause serious infections.
  • Since they stick to the natural nails, the hard-to-clean area beneath the nail may become sensitive and unhygienic.
  • Acrylic nails may also result in splitting of the nails or a painful nail plate making the nails prone to breakage. Thus, those with thin nails may have a problem with acrylic nails.
  • Some women also have an allergic reaction to acrylic nails resulting in the thinning of the nail bed.

This can happen because of the use of a compound MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) which is generally a safe ingredient for dental prostheses, but can create serious consequences if used in acrylic nails. Problems like loss of sensation in fingertips, deformities etc. may occur due to this compound.

Health Tip

Despite some issues, acrylic nails can be managed beautifully, if the procedure is conducted by experienced professionals under hygienic conditions with clean tools and equipment. Hence, make sure to opt for a licensed salon with a good reputation if you are planning to get yourself acrylic nails.

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