Try Wine For Youthful And Beautiful Skin

Try Wine For Youthful And Beautiful Skin

People who suffer from acne, eczema and other skin problems are treated with wine, as it contains a wide range of beneficial substances for the skin. By supplying the required enzymes, vitamins and minerals wine therapy facilitates cleansing, toning and nourishing. It also caters to all the requirements of acquiring glowing and healthy skin.

All the varieties of wine, like red, white, apple, grape and elderberry are popularly used in beauty treatments. And apart from the enormous health benefits that red wine offers, it is also used to revive the glow of the skin.

Skin And Wine

Every skin type is unique and has different requirements. Those with dry skin, may wish to choose a sweet wine with plenty of sugar for water-binding purposes. Acne-prone skin will do better with red wine, since its high concentration of the polyphenol resveratrol, may act to reduce inflammation while reversing or preventing tree radical damage.

People with extremely flaky skin, should choose dry wine as it has a greater concentration of the natural acids called malic, tartaric, and citric.

How The Wine Works
As it is a well-known fact that wine is good to enhance the beauty of the skin, many have tried this therapy according to their skin.

Dry Flaky Skin
For dry, flaky body skin, mix one cup of dry red wine with one cup of water, Pour into a spray bottle and apply all over, after a shower or bath. Leave on for five minutes before rinsing. Flaky skin may particularly benefit from mixing one-fourth cup of dry white wine with one cup white vinegar and adding one-fourth to half a cup of this liquid to one’s bathing water.

Oily Skin
On the other hand, oily skin has different requirements. Therefore, the combination of wine and yogurt is best for this skin type. For oily skin and acne, blend three tablespoons of red wine with some yogurt and use as a facial mask. The wine provides an instant glow.

Sensitive Skin
For those with dry and oily skin, red wine facials are the best, but sensitive skin requires white wine, which helps to eliminate skin problems. It is important to know that red wines may give one, reddened facial skin. For white wine treatments, boil a soothing herb like chamomile in the wine for 10 minutes.

No Side Effects
Wine does not have any all side effects, so one can try these facials or massages without any worry. Experts trust this therapy, as it helps to satisfy their patients and also because some of the most exciting beauty formulas obtain their success from wine.

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