The Trend Of Going Natural To Feel Beautiful

The Trend Of Going Natural To Feel Beautiful

The Trend Of Going Natural

For years people have carefully checked ingredients on food products to avoid consuming potentially toxic substances. Now they’re doing the same with the products they use on their bodies. Hence, consumers are becoming more and more aware of what they’re putting both in and on their bodies and they’ve become more anxious about the perceived risks of using regular cosmetics. Synthetic substances such as parabens, talc, lead and phthalates are perceived to have devastating effects on the skin, hair and overall health in general.

Thus, many cosmetic companies are capitalizing on the budding trend of going natural and with the demand for natural products increasing, there has been a wide shift in how cosmetic companies approach make-up and skincare products. This trend is visible across diverse geographies and the financial situation of consumers. According to a study conducted recently, over half of the Indian consumers base their purchase of hair and skincare products on ‘natural or organic’ features. And 71 per cent of those surveyed say they prefer to buy a face cream or body lotion if it claims to be ‘natural.’

Safety A Priority

Pushing aside previous trends, the new generation of consumers have realized that staying natural is actual beauty. They worry about the safety of the product rather than its effectiveness and do not mind if a product takes more time to show results. However, the ingredients should be such that they do not harm the skin.

Consumers are especially hooked to product claims such as natural ingredients, organic ingredients and ‘free from’ labels. Natural beauty ingredients such as neem, tulsi, turmeric, sandalwood, saffron and honey have been used by Indians for centuries. Cosmetic companies have marketed products with these natural ingredients for a while now, but they were never clear about all the other ingredients that go along with them.

Supermarket executives have also reported that ‘natural’ products are clocking a significantly higher growth compared to the regular ones. The year-on-year growth for natural and organic beauty products is more than double of the regular cosmetics.

A Lifestyle Choice

Moreover, moving towards natural and greener products comes with its own perceived social status. It’s not just a beauty product that the consumer is buying anymore, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s little wonder then, that the ‘natural’ space has turned intensely competitive with all the major brands vying for the consumer’s attention.

Owing to the increased demand for natural ingredients, beauty products and skincare companies are investing heavily in modernizing their manufacturing facilities with a lot of research and development techniques. They’re using the latest formulae and techniques to upgrade their production, while still staying true to their ‘natural’ claims.

Consumers Stand To Gain

While consumers will get better quality products with no harmful chemicals added, it also increases the price of the particular product. Thus, it has its pros and cons. However, in the long run, the consumers stand to gain as there are multiple benefits of using natural make up and skincare products.

Not only are they much safer and improve the health of the skin, they also keep the environment cleaner and greener. Also, unlike regular cosmetics, using natural formulations is safe for people with sensitive skin and other skin problems. Moreover, they’re non irritating, non-allergic, have no side effects, reduce skin ageing and nourish the skin.

The Desire For Organic Products

Traditional Indian beauty has always been about staying natural and true to yourself. Indian beauty has been talked of, admired, celebrated and even worshipped for centuries. While there has been a proliferation in the range of cosmetics and beauty products available in India over the past two decades, Indian consumers are getting competitive about going back to their natural roots to feel beautiful.

With consumers demanding greater transparency from brands, cosmetic companies have started to fully disclose all the ingredients they use in their products. This is a win-win situation for both the consumers and the brands. Also, better transparency has only led to better finances for the beauty industry in India.

The move towards natural products may come across like a modern occurrence, but prior to industrialisation, all products used were inherently organic in nature. Hence, it’s time we moved back to those pristine times and stay natural to feel beautiful?

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