The Dark Side Of Fairness Creams

The Dark Side Of Fairness Creams

The real beauty of the skin is clearly visible when it is healthy, regardless of its colour, but still the desire for fair complexion ceases to exist. And in India, the desire to achieve fair complexion existed way before the invention of fairness creams. Therefore, there is a growing demand for fairness products.

The Obsession With Fair

The notion that ‘fair is beautiful’ might be the reason why Indians are obsessed with fair complexion. Hence, the launch of a fairness cream as lar back as the 70s led to a barrage of fairness creams and all kinds of products from soaps and deansers to creams, scrubs, and masks promising fairer skin.

Fairness Products For Men And Women

Currently, India’s fairness cream market is booming with not only fairness creams for women but for men too, Thus, men’s fairness creams have been introduced with fair Bollywood actors endorsing them. These fairness creams continue to be used, without a thought or the knowledge of the damage they may be causing.

The Presence Of Heavy Metals In Products

The food and drug administration of Maharashtra had banned two fairness products some time ago, due to the presence of chemicals and heavy metals, like mercury in these products.

The skin easily absorbs mercury and long- term use can cause it to accumulate in the body, leading to kidney damage. Exposure to mercury can also cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and skin discolouration. Many of the fairness products may also contain harmful chemical bleaches.

Ingredients That Cause Diseases

Apart from fairness creams, make-up items were also tested, revealing the presence of chromium and nickel. Chromium is known to be carcinogenic, while nickel can lead to allergic rashes and aggravate respiratory diseases. These revelations have led to the testing of other such products too.

Physicians and dermatologists have also expressed their concern due to the number of patients with skin problems and also other problems, as a result of long-term use of fairness creams. And apart from allergic rashes and skin-sensitivity, these creams can clog the pores and lead to acne eruptions too.

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