LOOSEN UP! Get Flexible And Healthy With These Massages!

LOOSEN UP! Get Flexible And Healthy With These Massages!

An invigorating massage to rejuvenate your senses at a luxurious spa or in the comfort of your home, to unwind and make you feel pampered, as you feel relieved of pain, tension and stress is most definitely a soothing experience! Nothing can replace the healing power and calming benefits that a good massage can offer! So in case you are troubled with any blood circulation and inflammation issues, opt for these massages and you will surely recover in no time!

Deep Tissue Massage

It relieves congestion with upward strokes and promotes the drainage of waste from the body. The massage releases tension in the muscles with slow strokes. Direct pressure is also applied with friction on the muscles. A professional masseuse works on the texture of deep layers of muscle with specific strokes involving the hands and fingers, providing relief and thereby strengthening the immune system.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is intense, as pressure is applied with firmness and friction is created between the skin and fingers, This massage also improves lymphatic circulation, which in turn, helps to eliminate toxic waste.

Swedish Massage

This is a gentle type of massage that encourages relaxation physically and mentally. Swedish massage reduces stiffness and tightness of the muscles due to the pressure applied The technique used in this massage improves blood flow too. In this massage, the pressure is applied to the muscles and bones. It is helpful in removing metabolic waste from the circulatory system and speeds up the recovery process, enhancing immunity and reducing muscular stress by flushing out lactic and uric acids.

Remedial Massages

These massages are also helpful as they promote relaxation and stretching of the muscles, decreasing muscle temperature and thereby reducing muscle tightness, decreasing restriction, pain and inflammation.

In addition to these types of massages, techniques like effleurage, wringing and lymphatic drainage is also beneficial.


This technique involves a gentle massage that depends on varied pressure application, performed with flattened hands. It comprises the use of the fingers for the strokes, which in turn improves receptors in the body that causes dilation of the blood vessels and increases blood flow through vessels. Hence, it improves muscle flexibility and mobility.


This type of massage is done with flat hands, particularly using the fingers. The massage loosens stiffness of the muscles and promotes drainage e of waste from the body.

Lymphatic Drainage

This massage promotes lymphatic drainage by applying pressure in an upward direction for draining out toxic wastes. It thus stimulates the lymphatic system and speeds up lymph flow.

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