Is Conditioner Bad For Your Hair?

Is Conditioner Bad For Your Hair?

Generally speaking, hair conditioning is to bo a way by which we can improve the 100k of the hair. making it soft and smooth Damaged hair is rough and weak because tho outermost protective layer. the cuticle, is stripped Off. unevenly. A conditioner helps to make it smooth, so that the hair looks shiny and manageable.

However, excessive use of conditioners can make the hair weak and fragile, as they prove to be too heavy for the hair. Rich creamy conditioners may also contain chemicals that cause allergic reactions on the scalp and skin. For instance, sulfates in conditioners, have been known to cause such reactions on sensitive skin.

Harmful Effects Of Conditioner

The hair can also become limp after using a conditioner This can happen during the hot and humid season. or if the hair and scalp is oily. Leave-on conditioners can make the hair oily and cause a build-up on the scalp. In many instances of hair loss. the cause can be excessive oiliness of the scalp In such cases, creamy conditioners should not be used. can clog the pores of the scalp lead to dandruff and related conditions.

Furthermore. the conditioner can accumulate on your scalp if it has not been rinsed off fully. giving rise to pore dogging and dandruff In fact. certain chemicals In the shampoo can also disrupt the normal pH balance of the scalp and leave it predisposed to conditions like dandruff.

Try A Natural Hair Conditioner

Many natural ingredients that are Within easy reach can be ideal hair conditioners. Henna, for instance, is a powerful natural conditioner It coats the hair and adds body. It is also an effective cleanser and restores the normal acid-alkaline balance of scalp. It suits normal to oily hair and helps to control dandruff too.


  • For tackling hair dryness, mix one cup, honey. halt a cup Olive Oil and two tablespoons lemon juice. Massage it into your hair. Keep it on for two hours and then wash it off.
  • To condition your hair. add around five drops Of wheat germ oil to one tablespoon of shampoo Mix this well. apply it to the hair and then wash your hair.
  • Add few dr.i0d or frosh marigold flowers to water (approximately three cups), Keep it aside for an hour The water can be strained (which will be cool now) and can be used for a final rinse. This remedy is good for reducing oiliness in the hair and also eliminates dandruff.

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