Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

“These exercise should be carried out with the right kind of food and with other general fat loss exercises”

A common cosmetic issue affecting many men and women is a deposit of fatty flesh under the chin, called a double chin. There are many causes for a double chin and here are some important ones.

  • Most people get a double chin due to genetic reasons and it is inherited
  • When the body accumulates enough tat in areas such as the stomach, hips and thighs, the double chin begins to become more obvious
  • Ageing can also be another cause, as the muscles of the face and neck sag with age
  • Excessive and unhealthy weight loss makes one lose muscles and firm skin from the chin and neck – this too leads to a double chin


While a double chin cannot be spot reduced like fat in any other part of the body, there are particular exercises that can firm up the chin musculature. However, these exercise should be carried out with the right kind of food and with other general fat loss exercises.

Kiss The Ceiling

Sit upright and tilt your head backwards to look up to the ceiling to feel the stretch on your jawline, now pout holding the same position as if you are kissing the ceiling. Hold for five seconds. Go back to your original position and repeat 10 times.Perform the same exercise by also tilting your head diagonally backwards. both on the right and left side, for the fat near the jaws and feel the pull there.

Recite The Vowels

Look up to the ceiling and recite the vowels by exaggerating lip movement for each alphabet of the vowels as you feel the muscles working. Recite all the five alphabets. Bring your head back to normal and repeat seven to ten times.

Hover Ball

Use a light tennis ball for this exercise. By placing it between your chin and neck, hover it to the right and left as you hold it with your chin for about 30 seconds, then repeat for about five to seven times.

Chew Gum Movements

Making chewing gum-like movements with your mouth while sitting in an erect posture and exaggerating each movement, also helps to reduce a double chin.

Pigeon Neck

Stand erect and stick your head out. Hold for five seconds and pull it back in. Repeat 10 times while feeling the entire jawline tighten as you go through the exercise.

Tongue Out

Stand erect and stick your tongue out and hold for 10 seconds while pressing the tongue out as far as one can. Repeat 10 times.


These exercises can be repeated several times a day and will be very beneficial if a good posture too is maintained with your head well aligned over your shoulder. Also, work on a device, by holding your head up whenever you can. Conclusively, any exercise’s effects will be seen if good food, cardio exercises and rest is incorporated.

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