Best Spa Treatments For Men

Best Spa Treatments For Men

Pampering ones body and paying special attention to beauty and skin care regimens are no longer applicable to women only, as nowadays men too consider regular skin and hair care sessions important. This is evident by the fact, that there is a steep rise in visits by men to wellness spas.

Tired muscles, work stress, gym fatigue, muscle injury, and jet lag remain some of the most common complaints and issues faced by men. Thus, relaxing sessions of exfoliating, manicure, pedicure and waxing for unwanted hair, also attract their attention and interest. Also, blocked pores, acne, pigmentation and blackheads due to overexposure to the sun, grime and pollution remain another concern.

Most Effective Spa Treatments For Men

The most effective spa therapies for men remain the oxygenated organic spa, hydrating facials, aromatic sauna bath, and deep tissue body massage to name a few. Aromatic steam, exfoliation done with tulsi, mint, oats flakes, an organic face mask, toning with aloe vera, rose water and organic moisturising, are best suited for male skin.

Regular shaving causes skin rashes, irritation and inflammation, thus facials with essential aromatic oils are excellent in reversing the side effects of shaving and making skin smooth and shaving less painful.

Oxygenating and hydrating cleansing treatments are very helpful in purifying the skin and protecting it against environmental issues. Also, men’s skin secretes more oil, due to higher testosterone levels than women and hence a facial treatment that reduces oil secretion and an extra greasy shine from the face, is essential.

Oxygenating and hydrating treatments work best and provide deep layer hydration and balance. And since male skin Is already damaged beyond a point, with the regular use of a razor and shaving, thus opting for organic, green and natural facials is advisable as they provide optimum nutrition and protection without any side effects.

Body Spa Recommendations

For the body, deep cleansing and body buff is recommended, which is followed by cleansing, toning, exfoliation, hydrating and healing. Body butt is carried out with a blend of almond, cinnamon and nutmeg applied all over the body, providing instant results and revitalizing the skin, making it fresh and smooth. Spa therapy also involves back treatment, shoulder and neck treatment. which detoxifies and relaxes stiff back muscles and which is very helpful, especially for athletes and those into sports, as it unclogs the skin’s pores.

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