Best Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Best Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Long hair has very much been the trend for a long time now, with cascading waves and large curls lending a bouncy look with plenty of movement. And if you have natural curly or wavy hair, there is nothing like caring for it in a way that suits its texture, making it look healthy and lustrous. Here are some interesting and appealing styles for wavy hair.

Short Bobbed Look

A short bobbed look suits most hair textures, including wavy hair. You can have your hair cut in one length, with a middle parting with waves on both sides which will give you a ‘carefully careless’ look.

Short Wavy Bob

Short wavy hair can be put up with bob pins. Comb the top of your hair and settle it the way you want. Now, take your hair and put it to one side. Pin it so that it stays on that side. You can now section your hair and start putting it up loosely, one section at a time, pinning each section of waves. Pin it in a way that the waves fall loosely. Continue with this, till the entire hair is up. Spray with medium hair spray.

Side Parting Style

Natural waves and big curls in the lower half of the hair give the face a soft look. This same hairstyle can be taken with a side parting and a side-swept look. In other words, the hair is all swept to one side and over one shoulder.

Loose Wave Style

Instead of cutting your short bobbed hair in one length, go for layers and waves, for a softer look. If you have shoulder-length naturally wavy hair, use a hairdryer to dry the top part of your hair, but allow the rest of the hair to dry naturally and look naturally wavy as loose waves look better.


The classic ponytail is still commanding trends over the world. This trendy hairstyle suits most face shapes, as one can style it, high or low, with wisps, waves, and curls on either side. This hairstyle provides a glamorous look with simple hair accessories like ribbons. One can also wear a ponytail for formal or informal occasions.

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