5 Common Sunscreen Mistakes

5 Common Sunscreen Mistakes

Sunscreen has become very necessary for women and men too, because apart from its medical indications like preventing skin cancers and sun-induced allergies, its cosmetic benefits like preventing tanning and premature ageing makes it a must-have product. But though you may be using one of the best sunscreens available, or one prescribed by your dermatologist, you might still get tanned. Why does this happen? Here are five common mistakes you may be making while using a sunscreen.

Sunscreen Slip-ups

You Don’t Reapply The Sunscreen
The effect of a sunscreen lasts for three-four hours. So reapplication is very essential. This is more so, if you are into water sports. In this case, using a water-resistant sunscreen will be more effective.

You Don’t Apply Sunscreen If It Is Raining
Though it may be less sunny on a cloudy day, the UV rays of the sun can still reach you, after penetrating the cloud cover. So, don’t skip your sunscreen if it is cloudy or il it is raining.

You Don’t Apply Sunscreen In Winters
Heat Is determined by the infrared rays and not ultraviolet rays. So sunscreens are not meant to be used in summers alone, Sunscreen Is a must, even in winters as the skin damaging UV rays are still present in spite of the cold weather. So do not skip the sunscreen if it is cold or if you are at a hill station. In fact, the sun’s rays are harsher at higher altitudes.

Though it may be less sunny on a cloudy day, the UV rays of the sun can still reach you after penetrating the cloud cover

You Don’t Apply A Sunscreen If You Are In An AC Car
This is one of the most common misconceptions amongst people. Being inside an air-conditioned car will make you comfortable by cooling the air. But it is only the windshield of a car that is laminated and gives protection from UV rays. The side and rear windows that are clear or tinted offer absolutely no protection. Even tinted windows can allow 15-20 per cent of UV rays. Hence, always use a sunscreen even if you travel in cars with the air conditioner on.

You Don’t Apply The Right Amount Of Sunscreen
You may be using sunscreen just for cosmetic purposes. But its purpose will not be served, unless you use the right amount. You can follow the teaspoon rule’ to apply the right amount of sunscreen. Three millilitres (slightly more than half a teaspoon) is required for the lace plus neck areas and each arm. Six millilitres (slightly more than one teaspoon) Is required for each leg for optimum sun protection.

So whether you are using a popular commercial brand or a prescription product, avoid these five mistakes to get the best benefit from your sunscreen.

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