63 YO Punjab Agripreneur Supplies Corn to Multinationals; Earns Rs 7 Cr Turnover

Do you know the owner of Kulwant Nutrition? Have you heard it anytime? If not, it is a successful food business in Punjab. To know more about it, look into the article that we have provided below.

He exports his business to many nations and provides products to Domino Pizza, PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, and many more. His father is a flour mill repair worker but he wanted his son to be in the food industry.

Check out the complete link to the article, learn about his behind story, and know why he became famous today and how he is earning this many more are provided.

Story of the Punjab Agriprenuer of Starting Kulwant Nutrition

Know about the untold story of a 63-year-old Punjab Agriprenuer who earns Rs. 7 crores annually. Study it you will definitely get inspired.

  • Jagmohan Singh Nagi a native of Batala in Punjab had a keen interest in agriculture and the food business from a young age.
  • Jagmohan said that his father moved to Mumbai and settled in Punjab. But before the partition, my family used to settle in Karachi.
  • As his father used to repair flour mills, his father always wanted his son to work in the food industry.
  • However due to unavailable courses in Punjab at that time, he was sent to the University of Birmingham, in the UK, to study engineering and food cereal milling.
  • After moving back to India, he started with Kulwant Nutrition.
  • It began in 1989 with single-plant and maize crops then expanded into a business with a sizeable yearly turnover. When he started he had a rough start because he couldn’t get a good corn harvest.
  • As the maize crop was not good in Punjab he started taking corn from Himachal Pradesh but there is a high cost in transportation.
  •  For that crop, he tied up with Punjab Agricultural University through the university-industry link.
  • As Jagmohan specialized in contact farming, even he started growing vegetables and grains like corn.
  • He started it on 300 acres of land and has grown it into a company with a 7 crore turnover. There are 300 farmers under him from Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.
  • And the products will be sent to the companies like PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, and others. Even he sends products to Dubai, Hong Kong, and others.
  • Kellogg’s was one of the initial clients. He started working with PepsiCo and started sending corn for Kurkure, in 1991 and gradually transitioned to doing so.
  • And even he started working with Domino’s Pizza in 1994. In 2013 he started cultivating other veggies and entered the canned food industry.

Challenges Faced in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even though Jagmohan’s company is flourishing with profits. The pandemic has posed him with a number of difficulties as COVID-19 had a serious impact on the supply chain.

  • Many manufacturers have closed their companies except supermarkets as their service is important.
  • So he consequently began concentrating mainly on organic wheat flour and corn flour.
  • He also has an idea to start producing mustard oil, rice, and chia seeds, in order to scale this up.
  • Under him, there are 70 employees and he provides free training for agricultural students and farmers.
  • And even he shows, how to market their produce effectively to farmers along with new farming techniques.

What Jagmohan Says Finally

Here is what Jagmohan says, about agriculture students and farmers about agriculture and farming.

  • He says “Government should offer incentives and promote agriculture-based business at local level to attract youth to farming. Even they should encourage food security.
  • If the farmers also follow the rules and guidelines properly, they get the desired results and dont face losses.
  • Instead of following trends, farmers should choose crops that grow well in their area.”

Final Outcomes

Hope that the information we have provided about Punjab Agripreneur has inspired you a lot. He also explains his experiences along with that he also providing training to many students and farmers.

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