Tesla’s Model 3 Here’s Everything You Should Know


Tesla Model 3, to release in 2017, delivers long-range, all-electric propulsion system coupled with plenty of advanced technology. Even before its introduction into the market, Tesla’s third-generation model is already creating ripples of enthusiasm among fans of the electric car. So, what precisely is causing this hype? Below are details about Tesla’s latest mass production family car.

Performance and speed

While Tesla is always quick to tout the ecological benefits of its EV’s, their vehicles are lightning-quick as well. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, made it clear that his company does not produce slow cars. To back up his statement, he confirmed that the base model of the electric model would do 60mph within 6 seconds. He then added that there would be varieties that go a lot faster. Experts foresee versions with sub-3-second performance in the offing, putting the Model 3 well ahead of supercars such as Ferrari.


With an entry price of 35,000 USD, the car will be Tesla’s most competitive car to date. The company was, however, quick to assure the public that the modest entry price does in no way compromise its performance or range. Even more impressive is the fact the reduced introductory price is prior to incentives. So, depending on where exactly you live, incentives may make a huge difference; there are places in USA where you can get the car with less than 30, 000 USD.


The Range

Concerning electric vehicles, pricing is just but a section of the factors making a car practical. You also require the range to get where you are going. Bearing that idea in mind, Tesla’s Model 3 is set to supply approximately 215 miles (about 346 Km) of all-electric, no-emissions driving on one charge. Such a range is slightly more than twice that of Nissan leaf. To further increase Tesla range, the company continually increases its network of destination charging locations and Supercharger stations.

Energy Density

Tesla Model 3 will deliver a 30 percent improvement in energy density in comparison to Tesla Model S; the company is using fewer materials thereby reducing costs to raise the energy densities of the batteries. A higher volume due to the use of several raw materials translates to a higher estimated cost. So, by using fewer raw materials, the company managed to increase the energy density of the batteries.


The company is keen to uphold the safety legacy of Model S, which exceptionally broke crash testing equipment. Consequently, Model 3 is sufficiently safe to get 5-star ratings in all categories. The car will also be spacious besides using clever packaging thereby ensuring that there is adequate space room for five persons; you will even be able to push the dashboard forward you don’t need a firewall.


Self-Driving capabilities

The car’s latest autopilot demonstrations are simply remarkable. Tesla equips all its vehicles with all the required hardware to attain complete autonomy via software updates. Tesla’s third-generation model, therefore, plays into the company’s long-term goal of creating a network of collective, self-driving vehicles.


Evidently, Elon Musk is taking the game to the next level with the forthcoming Tesla Model 3. Tesla completely nailed the hype machine, essentially creating an ardent that is ready to drive the model. Utilizing the experience the company acquired while building its other higher-end models, the upcoming Model 3 will have very many benefits yet much more affordable.


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