Tesla Solar Panel Start Taking Order from April 2017


Tesla Motors make Solar Roofs for Consumers Homes from April, which was disclosed by Elon Musk that they will start taking orders for the solar panel roof that they will be making in their factory at South Buffalo.

Tesla had early unveiled at an event in Hollywood last October 2016 that they are going into designs of four different solar shingles. Tesla Motors, have not still disclosed pricing details for the roof. The roof according to Elon Musk will look like a conventional roof with solar modules embedded inside

His views about the Tesla’s solar roof as that the roof will be a revolutionary product that will replace the clunky looking panel arrays that you find mounted on the rooftop of homeowners. Tesla’s solar roof which will make use of glass will have solar cells inside and is meant to serve as a roof for homeowners and a source of renewable energy which will last for an average period of 20 years

The solar roof is a very important part of Musk’s vision to turn Tesla electric motor producers into a renewable energy powerhouse that produces and sells solar energy systems and sophisticated batteries that power the cars and store more electricity that would be produced by the solar panels.

Elon Musk said in November last year that he believes that the Tesla group will be able to drive down the solar roof price to become competitive to conventional roofs, he said that his views of the traditional roofing to be inefficient, the roofing materials go through different suppliers and service producers and each one of them add their own markup to the price of the roofing materials before finally reaching the end users


Tesla Motors make Solar Roofs for Consumers Homes from April and said that they could do better by not only making the roofs but also installing them. Elon Musk also thinks that their roof will cost less as it is going to be made glass instead of making use of some heavier materials that we normally see in most conventional roofs in some parts of the country such as terra cotta, slate,and clay tiles

Musk also said that he is hoping that the proposed solar roof becomes a big seller for Tesla. Solar roof have been limited to homeowners who have new roof and do not have any plans to repair nor replace them during the estimated 20-year life of the proposed solar panels

According to Elon Musk, Tesla plans to begin her production at the Buffalo factory, come June 2017. The Tesla group will oversee and take charge of all operations at the Buffalo factory, been that they already have Panasonic making solar cells in the Buffalo Facility and also the cells which are going to be embedded in the solar roof. The cells are expected to be a hybrid which has both Panasonic and Silevo technology. Silevo is a high-efficiency solar panel company that was acquired in 2014 by the SolarCity group.

Musk has said the solar roofs are expected to go on sale first in California and then in Musk has said that the solar roof will contain those solar cells, that of Panasonic and Silevo. Finally, he said that the solar roofs will first start sale in California afterwards to other states especially those who have high electricity costs.


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