Reggie Fils says Nintendo will have a big E3 this year


For the past few years, Nintendo has not been hosting Electronic Entertainment Expos. But things are about to change, and change for the better. Now Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils- Aime has announced that this year, Nintendo is going to hold a mega E3. Although he was not particularly eager to share all the details of this event, he hinted enough to get the blood pumping for Nintendo lovers.

Nintendo E3 2017
Reggie quipped that the Electronic Entertainment Expo will be a great opportunity to showcase the various features of Nintendo switch and 3DS. This is really no surprise given that E3 events are usually the perfect opportunity for companies to display any recent developments in their products. According to Reggie, the two video game consoles have received more than a positive reaction from people the world over.


The 3DS, in particular, has been riding a wave of popularity ever since it was introduced in the market a while back. As its name suggests, the console is able to produce three dimension effects. But that is not all: the console can produce these effects without the use of glasses or any other accessories. Nothing spells convenience better. Given how conveniently people could access the immersive world of three- dimension gaming, it really is no surprise that the console was such a great success.

The Nintendo switch is a rather recent console developed by Nintendo. In fact, it is barely a month old in the market. It is a cross between an ordinary video game console and a home console. Because it is a relatively new product from the company, the E3 2017 is going to be a great opportunity for ardent Nintendo lovers to learn more about it.

Other than the fact that these two consoles are obviously going to be the center of focus during the expo, there is yet another interesting thing about this upcoming event. Reggie made it clear that for the first time in history, the E3 is going to be open to the public. This is a major shift for Nintendo because there never once has been an E3 that was open to the public. Sources say that the expo will be able to hold 15, 000 enthusiasts, which is nothing if not awe- inspiring. Doubtless, Nintendo has had to move mountains to make this possible. But after all, isn’t innovation the trademark of Nintendo?

When asked about the future of gaming, Reggie declined to give a definite answer. He, however, emphasized that the gaming industry is a rather unpredictable one. All that one can be certain of is that creativity and innovation are crucial to success in this competitive industry. If a company relents on either of these, it could literally come crumbling down.

Nintendo enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in 2017. Other than getting to know the Nintendo switch better, they will also have the rare opportunity to attend the Nintendo E3. The company also hopes that the expo will help boost sales and make its games more popular. Either way, the event is certainly going to be beneficial to both the company and the enthusiasts.


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