Oregon People Converting Used Water Bottles Into Money


There are many reasons for the degradation of the environment. On the one hand, we have pollution being caused by the increased ill effects of global warming. On the other hand, there are many man-made disasters. These include indiscriminate dumping of waste in the city of Oregon. This could include both biodegradable and nonbiodegradable wastes. Water bottles and soda cans are a major source of trash and garbage in Oregon and therefore it is only obvious there should be ways and means by which the problem can be controlled or perhaps even reversed. We are now seeing a movement of sorts involving the residents of the city.

How Are They Making A Difference

There is a number of eco-conscious local who are coming out in big numbers and they are carrying with them dozens or even scores of used soda cans and water bottles. They are dumping these non-biodegradable wastes into carts and bags and trying to convert into cash. Whether it is 10 cents or something even lesser there is no doubt that this is taking the shape of a movement. The residents are flocking together to the various bottle recycling centers and even grocery stores during weekends and are converting these wastes into money. While the monetary aspect of it may not be quite significantly there is no doubt that it is playing a big role in cleaning the entire city and make it free of plastic and metal waste. It is bearing fruit and if it continues unabated it certainly will make a big difference to the composition of waste material that is generated in this city.

oregon bottle deposit

There Is A History Behind It

It would be pertinent to mention here that Oregon was perhaps the first state in the entire country which came out with a refund option as far as used bottles and cans were concerned. This happened almost 45 years ago. There was a well-planned and coordinated effort known as Bottle Bill. This was a unique and different type of a movement and it was quite unheard of in those days. However, it has caught on and has become quite popular and the testimony to this is borne out by the fact that it has become quite popular over the years. It continues to be practiced even today. There is an increased number of people who are seen carrying with them all types of beer bottles cans, soda cans, water cans, male beverage cans just to name a few.

The Frugal Ones Are Making Smart Money

It would be prudent to mention here that the smart residents of the city have started hoarding bottles for quite a few months in the hope that the purchase price will go up. They were not exactly disappointed because the price went up to 10 cents per bottle which were not a bad deal at all, to say the least. There have been instances where many people have been stocking up these used bottled by the dozens in the hope that it will be big enough to pay for their pizza party.

Hence at the end of the day, there is no doubt that apart from making the city a cleaner place


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