Jenny Slate has ‘No Regrets’ after her Relationship and Breakup with Chris Evans


Jenny Slates and Chris Evans are very popular celebrities and their relationship also needs no introduction. Jenny Slates and Chris Evans are no more in any relation. Jenny has no regrets as far as her relationship and break –up with Captain America star, Chris Evans is concerned. Jenny has been known to speak very clearly about her relationship with Chris in the latest issue of one of the reputed news magazine.

On their break-up
According to Jenny both of them were never in bad terms but they also did not speak to each other a lot. In addition, they both did not see each other a lot. Jenny said that she always wanted to be Chris’s friend one day. Jenny Slate has ‘No Regrets’ after her Relationship and Breakup with Chris Evans.

The beginning of Jenny Slates and Chris Evan’s relationship
Jenny further says that she was not according to the choice of Chris. Art times she was surprised by the reaction of Chris. Jenny did not like the attitude of Chris. She always thought that spending time with Chris was just killing her time.


The last year of their relationship
In spite of the break-up with Chris, Jenny has no problem in talking about him. According to her Chris is a wonderful person and the time spent with him was great for her. Jenny further says that she never hid anything but today she regrets the same.

First time when they had dinner
Jenny still remembers the first time they both went for dinner. Chris told Jenny that she would be one of her best friends.On hearing this Jenny told that how insecure she would become if Chris did not become her friend.

Possible reasons for their split
Both Chris Evans and Jenny Slate admitted that they were an odd match. Jenny Slate is known for her fantastic roles in “Parks and Recreation”, “Kroll Show” and “Obvious Child”.

•According to her, there were huge differences between Chris and her that lead to their separation. According to her Chris is a very famous person unlike her whom she considers as an ordinary person.

• Moreover during the time of her relationship with Chris Evans Jenny Slate was also dealing with a divorce from her former husband Fleischer.

• Jenny further adds that initially there were strong feelings between the two and it seemed that both would become strong friends. But she was wrong as that was all about their relationship.

• Moreover, Jenny never liked the idea of Evans of the weekly game nights which was attended by the cast and crew members.

Jenny says that Chris had dated women like Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel in the past. Now when she got to know that Chris had the same feelings for her she thought that it was fake but still Jenny Slate has ‘No Regrets’ after her Relationship and Breakup with Chris Evans.

These are some of the facts about the relationship of Chris and Jenny Slate. Jenny had no regrets about her relationship and break-up with Chris Evans.


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