International gummy bear maker HARIBO is building manufacturing facility in Wisconsin


The German world famous candy maker HARIBO, which is the best known for producing ‘GoldBear’, has decided to build a new manufacturing facility overseas, in South Eastern Wisconsin, in Kenosha County in USA. Since 1920, the amazing products of the company have been loved by millions of people all around the world. This project is going to be one of the largest investment overseas and it is expected to be completed in 2020. This decision is of great importance for the HARIBO group, according to the managing partner of the company Hans Guido Riegel. Until now, the company has considered a number of other places to open its new facility, but they eventually made the decision to select this location.
The new facility, according to the Executive Vice President and CFO of HARIBO, Wes Saber, is going to expand in a 500,000 square feet plant, which is going to cost approximately $242 million and will employ at least 400 people.

Today, HARIBO, the fastest growing sugar confectionery company in the US of America, produces more than 100 million gummy bears within a day worldwide. Even though the German-based business is best known for its popular ‘Gold Bear’ gummy bears, it produces other great flavours of lovely candies, such as the white Gold Bear (Pineapple), the yellow Gold Bear (Lemon), the green Gold Bear (Strawberry), the red Gold Bear (Raspberry) and the orange Gold Bear (Orange). The company employs approximately 7,000 people all over the world, serving the best way possible its clients with amazing flavour of candies. For example, the company uses the best ingredients for its special items. The fruit gum products are actually made out of a mix of glucose syroup, gelatinsand sugar, as well as a number of other yummy ingredients, such as concentrates of fruits and vegetables, starch, various flavourings, a small amount of citric acid and then they are added to the mixture.

The History of the HARIBO company
The company has been producing these amazing candies for more than 90 years. During this period of time, it has gained the best experience in producing these amazing products in the area. The name of the business comes from Hans Riegel Bonn. He was the

founder of HARIBO plant and he was born in Friesdord town in 1898. Some years later, in 1920 Hans Riegel started to build his own company; he bought a small house in Kessenich area, in Bergstrasse, which back then was just a small subern of Bonn town and he set up his first factory. He started with a small capital, which was just a stool, a sack of sugar, an over, as well as a roller and a copper kettle.

At this place, in a backyard area actually, the history of the world famous HARIBO company began. On December 13, 1920, Hans Riegel named the company HARIBO and entered in the industry of Bonn town. In 1921, he married his wife, by the name Gertrud and she was the first employer of the company. The family-owned company, which is now in its third generation, produces around 100 million gummy bears within a day globallyHaribo Group employs nearly 7,000 all over the world


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