FCC is warning people against phone scammers


The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is warning people against scammers who are using just a single word Yes and your phone to conduct this scam.

How Does The Scam Work

The scammers first call you and immediately you answer, they use an actual person’s voice or a recorded voice to ask you: can you hear me? If the consumer replies yes, then the scam is successful.

When a person responds yes, the scammers are able to get a voice signature that they can use to pretend to be a consumer. According to FCC news, the scammers can be able to easily conduct or authorize some fraudulent charges using the telephone.

The FCC has received numerous complaints of people being scammed using this particular technique. The scammers have been able to impersonate some high-ranking representatives in a various organization. They then claim to be service providers of a particular service that is familiar to the person who is receiving the call.


Scammers have impersonated various representatives like mortgage lenders and have been able to easily establish a reason that is legitimate to try and convince a customer. Many people have actually lost a lot of cash due to this scam.

These phone scams were reported by many news outlets in January 2017 across the United State. According to the reports, the scam begins with a phone call as mentioned earlier and immediately you respond Yes, you become a victim of the scam. Most people feel that if you hang up a phone, you’re actually being rude or impolite. However, it is worth noting down that hanging up is the only way which you can save yourself from becoming a victim of this scam.

Is it possible for you to get charged without providing a particular payment method? The answer to the question is yes. Due to the fact that the scammers already have your phone number, they can make you incur charges because most of the phone providers always pass through third party charges.

This particular scam has been able to prompt many police warnings in 2016 and although there have been no reported incidences that a particular person was scammed, there is no harm in ensuring that you’re safe. Its always better to be safe now than sorry later.

This scam is popularly known as the ‘can you hear me?’ scam and it is actually a new method that criminals are using to steal money from people. Criminals are now becoming wiser and most of the robbers are now engaging themselves in various cyber crimes.

When you answer your phone, you don’t expect to be hit with a question. This prompts you to automatically answer the question without thinking of the consequences. It is worth noting down that you can still become a victim of this scam even if you’re fully aware of it. When someone says that i can’t hear you or asks can you hear me? The response is actually instinctive and you’ll definitely say yes. That’s what makes this scam very difficult to stop.

Many news reports actually state that many interviewees who were asked the question always responded yes. Make sure that you hang up immediately you get an unsolicited phone call that asks you the question can you hear me? This will actually be beneficial to you.

Don’t become a victim of this scam and share the warning to everyone around you so as to prevent your friends and family from becoming victims of this scam.


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