Electroimpact Pays $485,000 For Alleged Hiring Discrimination


Airplane building Company Boeing and Airbus Group SE’s supplier of tools, Electroimpact Inc has just been fined $485,000 after an alleged successful investigation that it had a hiring policy of discrimination.It was said by the Washington State Attorney General on Friday.

Harassment and discrimination against Muslims in Europe and US is not a hidden phenomenon. But most of the time it is either settled down using force of authority or been muted by the mainstream media. It is very least of times when the international media has highlighted this important issue with such generosity when the Mukiteo Based company Electroimpact which is one of top suppliers of aerospace tools and automation tools to Boeng company which also have an international reputation, was investigated and allegedly proved to be posing a discrimination policy against Muslims and anti-Muslim mass hiring acts announced by Washington state attorney general’s office.


The office of State Attorney General investigated the allegations of discriminations against Muslims and the investigations of a whole year which was followed after a story published in Seattle Times, showing a controversial culture of workplace and religious harassment against Muslims. The CEO and founder of the Electroimpact Peter Zieve refused to hire Muslims and was involved and funding the discrimination against Muslims and anti-Muslim hiring policies. Electroimpact and the company’s founder refused to hire applicants who were Muslims and was also engaged in religious harassment.

The founder Peter Zieve has not responded to any request for his comment over the issue but he told Seattle Times last year that he treated his fellow employees more than family and he throw them a big party at Christmas every year.However Chief of Staff Ben Hempstead then said that Peter’s opinions are controversial and did not effect the mission of their company.

Electroimpact have estimated 800 employees throughout the globe and it produces designs that are cutting-edge and are used extensively by Companies like Boeing, Airbus and many more for the purpose of manufacturing planes. The Tech Giant company hires top class engineers and usually give a handsome salary and a great package. Yet, many of it’s employees have left the company because of “racist and sexist”, as called by one of it’s former employee.

From the company’s CEO Peter Zieve’s emails, it is proved that he practiced racism and sexist approach towards his employees. Moreover, he dispensed the bonuses for marriage that were more than $1000. Zeive’s emails reveal his mocking behaviour towards the Muslims and those who objected him were said to leave the company. According to the report submitted to the U.S Department of Labor last year, estimated 95% of the Electroimpact’s engineers are white.

After the fine payment of $485,000 by Electroimpact, it will be distributed between the victims of the company’s disgusting discrimination and harassment policies. Approximately 10 current and former employees are qualified for it.

As Boeing and Airbus both are competitive buyers of Electroimoact, their motive now hold a great value for the next international strategy. Boeing, on these happenings, said that it was concerned about the Electroimpact’s controversial activities which are described by the Attorney General’s office. Airbus also gave a dimplomatic statement and said that it values the various cultures that bring different benefits. Both companies however declined to tell how the current situation might affect business dealings in the future with Electroimpact.


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