Diss Turned Date : The Cory Booker – Mindy Kaling Romcom


In a recent turn of events definitely fitting of a romance sitcom, Senator Cory Booker asked Mindy Kaling out on a date and she said yes! And on twitter never the less. In a recent episode of the Mindy project, Mindy dissed the former mayor saying” even Cory Booker is here? I guess anything to get away from Newark.”


While this was relatively harmless in the show, it did not miss the notice of Cory Booker how took to twitter to voice his opinion on the issue. In a rather subtle tweet, he said” ouch!” he tweeted. Emphasizing it with a broken heart emoji, “I heard that Mindy dissed Newark last night, I disagree! “Remembering of course to tag Mindy and vogue magazine.


The star, who is well known for her rather notable twitter presence., took no time in replying to the tweet stating” Senator, if Mindy shades we know it’s cool, thanks for the love, its mutual! Finishing it off with a huge and fat love emoji. At this point, it was rather clear that something was going to happen and twitter observers were already tweeting to the effect that the world was ready for a Booker-Kaling romance.

He responded rather quickly and candidly but sweetly asked her out on a date in Newark” you’re making my day, and if the love is really mutual, come have a date with me in Newark.” At this point, it was very obvious that he was in, the challenge was whether or not Mindy would actually say yes and you guessed right: she did J


Mindy Kaling not only agreed but even gave the affirmation that she was already checking the Path train schedule From New York to New Jersey. Thinking Cory couldn’t get any mushier, he insisted that she lifted worthy and that he would be sending one straight to her door. To which she wholeheartedly agreed.

Well, that was such a thriller. All in a span of a day, there have already been memes and fan stories circulating about the two. Mindy Kaling, through her show The Mindy project, has over the years won the affection of the Americans with her fun, yet naïve character, Mindy lair, the OBGYN seeking to find the balance between, love, her fertility clinic and more recently on the show, her son. She, in her own way, has given motivation to millions of girls both white and colored that you can get as far as you yourself allow.


Her love life has been rather “weird” with her ex, BJ Novak, who also happened to be her colleague at the Office. They were constantly on and off but refrained from offering any information to the public. She in numerous occasions described it as ““romantically charged camaraderie with loud arguments,”.

Cory Booker, on the other hand, has maintained a rather low profile on his love life and despite the many rumors concerning his sexuality during the elections, he openly stated that he was not only straight but also in a romantic relationship with a lady whom he refused to point out. Well as far as we care, he is single.

We are all excited and fans took to twitter to not only offer their support but to openly ask the couple to be serious about it because they were. Well, this is the kind of stories from which romance novels are written. We can only hope for the best for the two and that they should keep us in the loop like they did with the proposal.


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