Angelina Jolie Took Drug Test to Prove Her Worthy


Celebrities are the persons who have wide influence over the society and a degree of power to command over media and public. These persons are trendsetters and able to influence different people of different generations widely. Now, when someone claims that a well-famed celebrity like Angelina Jolie is drug tested to prove herself worthy, then it catches a lot of attention immediately. Drugs are the medicines that are used as a pain reliever. But there are certain medicines that can impose a physiological effect on the person who uses it. It is believed that immense pressure on these celebrities forces them to take these drugs. But did Angelina take it! Let’s look into the matter

Beginning of the Story

Back in 2001, when paramount production house was about to make a film named Tomb Raider’, their first choice always was Angelina. The then 24-year-old versatile actor was best suited for the character according to the film director Simon West. However, during the casting session, Jolie’s father Jon Voight and her family friend Jane Fonda warned the casting director about the fragile and unstable character of Angelina. Sherry Lansing who was another movie producer somehow managed to visit Jolie on the set of the movie �Original Sin’ coupled with the director of Tomb Raider. They tried hard to manage the actor to face drug test so as to prove her worthy of the leading character of the upcoming movie.

Effect of Meeting

Knowing the fact, the producer and the president of Paramount Company John Goldwyn wanted her to get drug tested, then she told to the visiting members that she wanted to go through the drug test and whatever process is necessary to prove herself worth for the role of Lara Croft, which was the leading character in the upcoming film. Her reputation was at stake, so she told them that being one of the top most celebrities of Hollywood she knew her duties and how to manage own reputation. She suggested that she was ready to take on any project and for that she would turn herself up. After the meeting director West said she had told him she would work hard and can go through with a random test for the production house if they would require seeing her trustworthy nature. But she wasn’t ready to do the test under the production house jurisdiction.


Drug Tests Result

After the discussion with Lansing and director West, Angelina Jolie went for random drug tests. She took not only urine test but also the blood test to prove her worthy of the character. After all sorts of drug test, Jolie cleared them all and proved what she was up to. This made Goldwyn took a shy and then he started to make arrangement for the aftermath of the test.

Aftermath of Test

After Jolie was drug tested the production house wanted someone to look at her. So they appointed Bobby Klein who was well accustomed with the psychotherapy.

Conclusion: All of this was done for good of the film and the actor herself. Hard work of Jolie and the whole team of Tomb Raider went well with the spectators. It earned more than $300 million.


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