2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon


Motor vehicles enthusiasts are set for a thrill with the unveiling of the new powerhouse in the form of 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon set for April 14-23 at the New York International Auto Show according to giant automobile franchise, Dodge.

Since the North American International Auto Show held on January 8-22, 2017, Dodge has simultaneously been releasing hints and teasers through the internet in the build up to the official unveiling of what is touted as a vintage high-performance car. These teaser videos have been ideal for painting the picture of what we should expect at the launch. Here is a quick breakdown of what is known about the Demon’ so far.

According to the teaser videos released by dodge, the Demon is expected to have a wide body surface which will give provision to incorporate wide tires (approximately 18 by 11 inch lightweight wheels) and still maintain high speed with its rumored 757 horsepower and its ideal weight which is about 200 pounds lighter than the regular SRT Challenger Hellcat.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will be the first of its kind produced by Dodge to be fitted with drag radial tires. The tires will have 12.6 inches of tread width and the 315/40R18 Nitro NT05Rs power boost will ultimately make the car strong and fast.


To maximize grip and acceleration, ideal suspension work is necessary and Dodge has made some structured adjustments to this model to ensure that this is in place. For instance, Dodge indicated that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will come with an electronically controlled adaptive suspension. In essence, it will maximize weight transfer at the drag zone for proper handling which is critical when one is driving at the bends and sharp corners.

There are improvements to the steering, suspension, and brakes in the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and the upgrades will give it more stability than the previous SRT Hellcat. It will have a 3.09 gearing which is shorter than that of the Hellcat. Also, it will have a higher stall speed torque converter. This simply means that the Demon commands a grip twice as much as the Hellcat with a larger contact patch. The gearing creates an equal boost in rear axle torque multiplication.


Latest updates released by Dodge on March 9 shows that the Demon will have enhanced performance features through developed information systems. These are; the Demon’s real-time horsepower and torque output, with data logging to track power improvements from modifications. It can also display inter-cooler coolant temperature.

When it comes to storage, The Demon has a high octane mode to take advantage of 100 plus octane unleaded race gas. Dodge stressed that this will save on time with the use of running race fuel and the help of updated Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

Finally, controlling the air temperature is crucial to extracting maximum performance in a forced-induction vehicle. Dodge set up the liquid-to-air charge air cooler. The automaker revealed that it can achieve a reduction in intake of air temperature of up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that there is no overheating of the systems.


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